Outdoor Budget 2009

KWSC Outdoor Budget 2009



Per Player

Per Team


Field Rental




Field Lining




Referee Fees




Administration Fees




Awards, plaques and prizes








Website Payment




Field Fund (20 players@ $25)




OSA Fees (20 players@ $25)




Total (based on 20 players/team)





Registration and Payment Schedule


29/30 Apr 09   First 50% of fees due ($1072.50)


11 May 09       Team Roster forms must be completed and signed and submitted to the SOSA office.


8 Jun 09          Remaining fees ($1072.50 plus OSA and Field Fund fees for additional players over baseline of 20)


                        All players must be registered with the SOSA office and on the KWSC website



  1. Outdoor season will run 21 May to 27 August 2009
  2. Budget based on a 32 team league
  3. Teams registering less than 20 players will receive a refund of overages (after the registration deadline)
  4. Teams registering more than 20 players must pay OSA and Field Fund fees for each additional player ($50/player) by the registration deadline
  5. Teams may register a total of 25 players, however, you may only dress 20 players per game and players must play a total of 5 regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs
  6. Teams that bring a field to the league shall be credited a season total of $275 per field night.

Example: Ale House brings a field for Thursday and Sunday nights. This team will receive a credit of $550 for the season.


Additional Info


  1. Teams have until the third week of the season to register players with both the KWSC and SOSA. This means all players must be registered on the KWSC website and you MUST send any late registrations to the SOSA office by 8 June 09.
  2. Teams that do not pay in full by 8 Jun 09 will be fined $100. These teams will then have until 15 June to pay the outstanding balance plus the $100 fine. Teams not paid in full by 15 June will forfeit all remaining games of the season and may be restricted from re-entering the league in a subsequent season until all outstanding fees are paid in full.


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