Outdoor Budget 2007


May 24 - August 30, 2007

32 Teams - 16 Games per team before quarter finals

Field Rental



Field Lining



Field Fund



Referee Fees



Administration Fees



Awards, plaques and prizes






Website Payment



** Total

Team Total: $1280.00

KWSC Total: $40960.00

**Osa fees $23.00 per person, and registration fees- $1.00 for returning players (players that registered with the league in the summer 2006), and $2.00 for any new players, as well any persons requiring player books at $2.50 per person need to be added to the team total. Teams may register 25 players but may only dress 20.

Calculations are based on the return of 32 teams

Any team bring a field to the league shall be credited, $250.00 per night, off their team total

Payment schedule is as follows:

April 16th: OSA fees due = 20 x $23.00 = $400.00 plus registration fees
May Meeting: 50% of the registration fees = $635.00
May 31st: remainder of monies = $635.00 + any additional OSA fees

Teams have until the third week to register players. For this summer that will be Friday June 9th. All teams then have until
Monday June 11th to pay any outstanding balances owed to the leauge. If a team is not paid by this date they shall be fined
$100.00 whick must be paid along with any outstanding balances in full by Friday June 15th. If a team is not paid in full by
June 15th the league will forfeit their games for the remainder of the season.

Please not for those that received the budget at the March AGM the OSA fees are $23.00 not $20.00 per person

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