The following Nominations have been received:

Marguerite Heer has been Nominated and Accepted the nomination for Vice President
Ember Ryall  has been Nominated and Accepted the nomination for Scheduler/Statistician
Jenica Walker is Standing in the position of Discipline Chair

Nominees must be currently registered members with KWSC and in good standing with the Club.

In the event that the Nominee is absent from the AGM they must send written confirmation of acceptance of the nomination prior to the meeting and/or prior to commencement of elections.

Voting at General Meeting:

Though teams are entitled to have more than one representative, voting is limited to one vote per team. ONLY one team representative shall be entitled to cast the vote on behalf of their team.

Every Regular Member aged sixteen (16) and over shall have the right to attend and speak at the Club’s meeting.

 Proxy Voting at General Meeting:

If a Team that is a member of the Club is to be absent from a General Meeting (ie no members from the Team are available to represent the Team at the meeting and vote on Team’s behalf), voting may be cast by proxy. The Proxy shall provide a signed declaration (absent Team’s Representative) to the Club Secretary prior to the General Meeting’s commencement to be eligible to cast a vote on behalf of the  Team.



Rachel Brace

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