COVID - 19 Return to Play Guidelines

Kingston Women's Soccer Club is following the guidelines as laid out in the Ontario Soccer Return To Play Guide as a way to ensure all members are safe as we return to the game we love.  

You can find the most recent updated return to play guide here: Return To Play

The Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide/Plan consists of a three-phase approach that includes:

Phase 1: Individualized Training  

Conditions: All Phase 1 Return to Train conditions are met

Restrictions: No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Phase 2Group Training and Modified Games (enhanced training & modified games)

Conditions: All Phase 2 Return to Train conditions are met

Inter-squad and Intra-squad modified games permitted (only within the Club/Academy)

Restrictions:   No league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Phase 3Return to Soccer (regular competition, games and training)

Conditions: Social distancing restrictions have been lifted

Restrictions: None

The phases outlined above apply equally to all recreational, competitive and high performance level soccer.

Note: Ontario Soccer will determine timelines for each Phase in alignment with the Province of Ontario provincial health authorities involving government orders, restrictions and guidelines. This will be communicated via future Action Bulletins when applicable.

The Return to Play Guide outlines recommendations for:

  • Training and Competition Recommendations & Guidelines for Soccer Organizations 
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Players       
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Coaching                                        
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Match Officials      

There is additional details information on important areas such as:

  • Equipment Safety                                                    
  • Provide a Safe and Clean Environment - Fields, Clubhouse, Offices 
  • Risk Management and Insurance                             
  • Emergency Response Plan                                       
  • Legal Considerations

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at

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