Westbrook Dome Update

Dear Members,

In an email sent to the members last month, the KWSC informed the members that the new Westbrook facility wouldn’t be ready to accommodate a November session, however they were hopeful to be ready for January. Unfortunately the owners of the Westbrook Sports Dome have just informed us that they will not have the Dome up and running as originally planned for the indoor season. At this point in time we do not know if, and when, the Westbrook Dome will be up and running. It could be as early as the fall of 2012 or much later.

In anticipation that the Westbrook Dome may not be up and running until fall 2012, the KWSC Executive took the initiative of exploring alternate solutions for its members within the community and surrounding area for immediate and future needs. Based upon the feedback that we received from the survey sent out there was an overwhelming consensus to run a short indoor season from January to April in other indoor facilities that may be available (i.e. gymnasiums and indoor rinks).

The KWSC Executive is in the process of securing indoor facilities. Once the facilities have been secured, the members will be invited to attend a General Meeting to obtain information about the season (including the budget) and secure team placement with a deposit.

In the meantime, the KWSC Executive will be continuing to explore all long-term options for an indoor facility that are presented to the Club by the Westbrook Dome owners, other dome owners or the City of Kingston over the coming year. Should options occur for our members, please be assured that members will be informed and allowed an opportunity to hear a presentation and have their questions answered.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
KWSC Executive

 ***Please note: the KWSC Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Ongwanada Resource Centre on Portsmouth Avenue. The Minutes from the 2010 AGM, the Agenda, and the Call for Election Nomination will be posted on the KWSC website early next week. Members wishing to have items added to the Agenda are asked to email directly the KWSC Secretary by November 15th, 2011***

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