2011/2012 Indoor Soccer Season Update

Dear Members,


As you were previously informed this past spring, the KWSC Executive put forward a Letter of Intent (LOI), with consensus from our members, supporting our club’s involvement with the new Westbrook Sports Dome in order to meet our club’s need for a facility to house our indoor soccer season starting the fall 2011 and onward.


The LOI only secured our interest to discussing further with the owners of the Westbrook Sports Dome our personal needs for the club.  These discussions have been ongoing since the LOI was put forward on issues such as a tentative schedule of available dome rental dates/times, contract obligations, and information regarding the secured deposit.


The owners of the Westbrook Sports Dome have indicated that it is still anticipated that the Dome will be up and running by December 2011 so that the indoor season could start immediately or in early January.  However, if the Westbrook Dome is not up and running by Christmas, we have been informed by the owners that the start of the season will likely get postponed until fall 2012.


In anticipation that the Westbrook Dome may not be up and running until fall 2012, the KWSC Executive is exploring alternate solutions for its members within the community and surrounding area for immediate and future needs.


As you may recall a call went out for our members to join a “Field Committee”.  This Field Committee will play a pivotal rule in bringing options to its members.  To date we only have three (3) KWSC members show an interest in being a part of this Committee, outside a few KWSC Executive members.  If you are interested still in being a part of this Committee, please contact our Communication Officer at kwsc.communications@gmail.com.


KWSC is currently not under any contractile obligations with the Westbrook Sports Dome.  Once KWSC Executive has received all the information it requires about the Westbrook Sports Dome and we have been given a true start date for the season, a special general meeting will be called for its members to discuss our contract obligations (which will include a 5-year commitment to the new facility for dome rental), the deposit, and to determine if its members wish to proceed further.  


In the meantime, the KWSC Executive will be continuing to explore all options that are presented to the club by other dome owners or the City of Kingston over the coming year, if the Westbrook Sports Dome is not up and running by Christmas.  It is possible that another option may be presented to our members in the coming year prior to KWSC signing the final contract with the Westbrook Sports Dome.  Should this option occur, please be assured that members will be informed and allowed an opportunity to hear a presentation and have their questions answered.


In the short-term, the KWSC Executive is looking into starting up a short indoor season (January to April 2012) for the KWSC members.  We are in the process of securing indoor facilities.  At this time we would ask that one representative from current and potential new indoor teams please answer this small survey to assess interest in our members in having an indoor season run this winter.  Please go to this link to answer the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FLLPNT2. We will be collecting survey results until Friday, October 14th, 2011.  At this time we will determine if enough interest lies with our KWSC members to continue forward with an indoor season for Winter 2012.


***Please note: the KWSC Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Ongwanada Resource Centre on Portsmouth Avenue.  The Minutes from the 2010 AGM and Agenda will be posted on the KWSC website in early November.  Members wishing to have items added to the agenda are asked to email directly the KWSC Secretary by November 1st, 2011***


Thank you for your patience and understanding.
KWSC Executive

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