Registration Forms for Outdoor 2011


As mentioned at last night's General Meeting team contacts are required to complete one team registration form for the Outdoor 2011 Season.  This form needs to be completed and returned with the bulk of your players listed no later than Monday, May 2, 2011 to the KWSC Registrar or the SOSA Office in order to ensure that players are registered for the season.

As a reminder according to Rule 2.3 "Teams have up to the end of the third week of regular season play to register any additional players on their roster.  These additional players must also complete and sign registration forms and present them to either the KWSC Registrar or the SOSA Office a minimum of 48 business  hours prior to playing.  These players must also register on line through KWSC prior to playing.  After the third week of play the registration will be closed to all players.

Players must also register on line through the KWSC Website prior to playing their first scheduled game.  Registration online through the KWSC Website will open up after the Indoor 2010/2011 Season is complete (early May).

Team contacts need to have their players complete and sign the registration form:,_2011).pdf.

In addition, after consulting with the SOSA Office, it has come to our attention that each player registered must also complete and sign two copies of the OSA Waiver Form and KWSC Consent Form.  Once copy of the form goes to the player and the other copy needs to be submitted to the KWSC Registrar. The forms can be found here:

OSA Waiver Form:

KWSC Consent Form:

KWSC Executive

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