KWSC Now Accepts Bank Email Transfers as Payment

KWSC now accepts bank email transfers as payment from teams.  Simply follow your online banking institutions' route for these types of payments and you will now be able to electronically transfer your team's payment online instead of coming out to one of the collection nights posted throughout the season and bringing a cheque.

Please list the recipient of the email transfer as and record in the message section of the email transfer your team's name and contact person in order to ensure that the proper team is credited.

Most banking institutions require their clients to list a question and answer for the receiving party to accept the funds.  Please email the answer to your question directly to our treasurer, at in order to allow them the ability to accept the payment.     

Once payment has been received and accepted, you will receive an email notification from the treasurers notifying you that your payment was accepted. 

If you have any questions regarding this new process, please do not hesitate to contact our treasurers at

KWSC Executive

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