Draft Minutes Annual General Meeting of Nov 23 2009



Minutes of Annual General Meeting of Kingston Women’s Soccer Club (KWSC)

Dated November 23, 2009




Members of the Executive

Nancy Hoople

Bob Machin

Alicia Walton

Niki MacKay

Pam Lloyd

Sandi Wright


Also Present:

Savas Kekkas of SOSA assumed the Chair of the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


  1. Rules of Order

Presented by Savas Kekkas


  1. Introduction of Executive


  1. Announcement of Winning Teams from Summer Season of 2009

§  Tier 1 – Ale House

§  Tier 2 – Pink Panthers

§  Tier 3 – Cataraqui Clippers

§  Tier 4 – Napanee Thunder

§  Announcement of KFC Accomplishments for the 2009 Summer Season

§  Recognition of Athlete of the Year – Renee McClelland


  1. Approval of Minutes of the KWSC Annual General Meeting of November 24, 2008.

On a motion moved by Michelle Hall and seconded by Cathy Rodmell it was;

Resolved that, the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of November 24, 2008 be approved as presented.




5.    Financial Report

The Treasurer reported that the Budget had not been finalized to date, it will be forwarded to all members in the following week.


6.    Elections For Executive Positions

Vice President, Treasurer, Disciplinary Chair, Registrar, Scheduler/Statistician, Assistant Treasurer, Communications Officer, Field Director


                          I.    Nominations for the Position of Vice President;

Bob Machin – Standing

(No vote required, sole nomination)

Bob Machin was named Vice President of KWSC




                        II.    Nominations for the Position of Disciplinary Chair;

Bernie Harpell - Nomination accepted

No other nominations brought forward.

(No vote required, sole nomination)

Bernie Harpell named Disciplinary Chair of KWSC



                       III.    Nominations for the Position of Registrar

Michelle Hall - Nomination accepted

No other nominations brought forward.

(No vote required, sole nomination)

Michelle Hall named Registrar of KWSC



                      IV.    Nominations for the Position of Scheduler/Statistician

First Nomination;

Brenda Hildebrandt –Nomination accepted – via Proxy

Nomination was seconded


Second Nomination;

Brandi McLaughlin – Nomination accepted – via Proxy

Nomination was seconded


Votes were tallied

Brenda Hildebrandt was named Scheduler/Statistician of KWSC



                       V.    Nominations for Communications Officer

First Nomination;

Brandi McLaughlin - Nomination accepted – via Proxy

No other nominations brought forward.

 (No vote required, sole nomination)

Brandi McLaughlin named Communications Officer of KWSC



                      VI.    Nominations for Treasurer

First Nomination;

Alicia Walton- Standing

No other nominations brought forward.

 (No vote required, sole nomination)

Alicia Walton named Treasurer of KWSC




                     VII.    Nominations for Assistant Treasurer

First Nomination;

Brenda Corcoran - Nomination accepted

No other nominations brought forward.

~Carried~ (No vote required, sole nomination)


7.    New Business

                          I.    Prize Committee

Request was presented to form a prize committee.  The following members stated their interest;

Bob Machin – Tier 1

Veronica Harris – McAllister – Tier 2

Jen Ryan – Tier 3

Brandi McLaughlin – Tier 4


                        II.    Tier 1 Options – Presented by Vice President – Bob Machin

There was discussion regarding youth teams requesting registration in the KWSC’s Tier 1 division.  Some members expressed concern with the violation to the rule regarding the classification of ‘competitive’ players.  A recommendation was presented to create a new division, ‘Select’ and have these new teams play on an alternate night from the Tier 1.  They would be scheduled to play against one another with the exception of a cross over game occurring once a week with a team from Tier 1 to offset the uneven number of teams.  It was clarified that these ‘cross-over’ games would be classified as exhibition games with the scores not to be included in the stats for the Tier 1 teams.


On a motion moved by Bob Machin and Seconded by Scott Wentworth it was;

Resolved that; the KWSC will accept registration of the 4 new teams and create a ‘Select’ tier within the tier 1 division.



                       III.    Request to compile Indoor sessions

A request was made to compile the two indoor sessions into one continuous session.  In response to the question regarding issues with the request, the Past President stated that previously teams voiced dissatisfaction with not being able to move up or down a tie if the sessions were compiled. A second question was presented regarding registering new players throughout if the motion is passed for one continuous session.

Action: This discussion item was tabled until the May 2009 meeting for further consideration.


                      IV.    Field Fund

Gord Lever spoke to the conditions of the fields due to overuse.  He spoke of attempts to get support from other clubs, and the committee that was formed. He further spoke to the Trillium Fund and the grant money that was lost when KWSC “dropped out” of the partnership to purchase land.  He spoke to the benefits of owning fields. He questioned KWSC’s plan for the Field Fund money they have collected.  He again, questioned why the KWSC “dropped” out.  He spoke to the new fields that the men’s teams purchased.  He stated that if teams are interested in funding this land, they could register through the Limestone Football Club.  When asked to clarify what was being proposed, Mr. Lever stated that if teams registered with LFC they could divert their field fund fees to his club.  In response to this appeal, a comment from the floor was that the KWSC members stand behind their club and the decisions that are made on their behalf, right or wrong, they stand behind their decisions.  Further, they stated that the funds were still in the account and there is a plan for future use.

A request was made regarding direction from the executive for a specific plan was for the money allocated to the Field Fund.  The members were informed that at present, the Field Fund committee is not actively looking for available land, there is much thought and consideration going in to the amount of money that will be needed to purchase such a large amount of land.  It was confirmed that there is a definite plan in place and members will be kept updated on the amount and activity.


Concern was expressed with regards to money being moved from the Field Fund account to pay expenses.  It was stated that this money should not be used for anything other than the Field Fund.  Savas Kekkas spoke to the Audit regarding the funds and suggested that this should satisfy the members.


A request was made to make information more transparent for the members.


8.    Adjournment of Meeting


On a motion Moved by Sandra Jass and Seconded by Jamie Clarke, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Resolved that; the meeting be adjourned at 8:40 pm


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