Replacement Membrane Update

Plans have been finalized for the replacement of the membrane for the soccer Dome.

The owner, Krista Swackhammer is seeking volunteers for this Saturday starting at approximately 8:00 a.m. to remove the ‘old’ fabric, move bleachers and benches off of fabric, removal of boards etc., in preparation of the installation of the new fabric. This work will continue throughout the day.  If you are able to assist for even an hour or so, it would be greatly appreciated.  Krista suggests that volunteers wear water proof footwear with a good tread on the sole as the fabric is incredibly slippery when it is wet.  As well, if people are able to bring some basic tools, i.e. crowbar it will help with the work.

It is anticipated that the replacement membrane will be shipped Thursday November 11th and preparations for the inflation the following week-end Saturday November 13th.    

Dates and times for the Public Meetings have not been finalized as of yet.  We will be sending all members an email once this has been confirmed.  An information package with regards to the Dome membrane and its structure will be available for your review on the KWSC website prior to the meeting.

Again, thank you to everyone for their patience and support.


Thank you,

KWSC Executive

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