Draft Minutes of General Meeting of September 21, 2009


Minutes of General Meeting of Kingston Women’s Soccer Club (KWSC)

Dated September 21, 2009




Members of the Executive

Janet Lang

Nancy Hoople

Pam Lloyd

Krista Swackhammer

Bob Machin

Alicia Walton

Brenda Hildebrandt


Brenda Corcoran

Nikki Mackay

Brandi McLaughlin

Sandi Wright


Janet Lang Acted as Chair

Krista Swackhammer recorded the minutes




1.    Approval of Minutes of the KWSC General Meeting dated March 31, 2009


On a motion Moved by Veronica Harris-McAllister and Seconded by Vikki Wilman, the following resolution was passed;


Resolved that, the Minutes dated March 31, 2009 be approved as presented.





2.    Budget Presentation for Indoor Season


The 2009-2010 Budget was presented for approval.  On an inquiry, it was confirmed that rental fees for the Dome were the same for all clubs.


On a motion Moved by Vikki Wilman and Seconded by Cathy Romell, the following resolution was passed;


Resolved that, the Budget for 2009-2010 be approved as presented.





3.    Financial Report


Members were informed that the audit has not been completed to date, work is ongoing.


Action:     The audit will be emailed to members once it has been finalized.



4.    Indoor Rules/Regulations


It was noted that the Indoor Rules have not been updated on the Website.


Action:     Rules to be updated on website



5.    Review of Constitution for KWSC (Kingston Women’s Soccer Club)


No Discussion Recorded



6.    Field Development

No Discussion Recorded



7.    Prizes


There was some discussion regarding prizes received. Team representatives were requested to confirm with the executive that they had received their award.



New Business


8.    Field Fund


Gord Lever inquired about the administration and decision making process of the Field Fund and further inquired why members were not informed of the decision to not enter into a partnership with the Men’s League in the purchase of land.


~Sandi Wright joined the meeting in progress and resumed minute taking~


The Chair referenced the minutes of the Meeting of March 31, 2009 which addressed the decision regarding the partnership.


A new vote regarding the Field Fund decision was requested and subsequently withdrawn.  A motion was brought forward to allow for a presentation regarding the Odessa Field Project at the next Annual General Meeting.


On a motion Moved by Nadia Saccon, and Seconded by Rachael Klinoski, the following resolution was passed;


Resolved that, Gord Lever be granted an opportunity to make a thirty (30) minute presentation to the KWSC members at the Annual General Meeting in November 2009 regarding the Odessa Field Project.   





9.     Rules Regarding Competitive Players


There was some discussion regarding Indoor teams and a question with regards to competitive players and how they are currently being classified, more specifically the ‘Queen’s University’ team.


~Krista Swackhammer left the meeting~


It was noted that there is a specific issue with Tier 1 and how teams are formed.  The KWSC is classified as a Recreational League and therefore it was reiterated that there is a need to ensure ‘Balanced Play’ and to maintain the integrity of the Rules.


Numerous options were discussed for Tier 1 to resolve the issue of unbalanced teams;

§  more competitive teams to play as a ‘guest team’

§  have a draft for players

§  divide Tier 1 by age, i.e. over 30 yrs old/under 30 yrs old into two divisions

§  stronger teams to enter men’s leagues and or younger male leagues to build their team’s skill


Suggestion proposed to bring motion forward to adapt Outdoor Rule regarding ‘cap’ on competitive players per team.


On a motion Moved by Veronica Harris-McAllister and Seconded by Amy McFarlane, the following resolution was passed;


Resolved that, a team be limited to registering no more than four (4) competitive players per team; competitive player being a player who has played on a Post Secondary team, or played in a competitive league in the previous summer season.




Action:      The above motion to be effective next indoor session commencing in January 2010.


There was further discussion regarding alternatives to the balanced team issue, i.e., redesign of Tier 1 – (Tier 1A, & Tier 1B), or division by age.  Further, the mandate of the league was discussed.  From these discussions, it was decided that the executive come up with a proposal to the membership for Tier 1 regarding the issue with competitive players.


Action:     Executive to investigate options and bring back proposal to the membership for Tier 1 regarding competitive players interested in registering a team.



10.    Refereeing Issues


Members expressed dissatisfaction with referees not ‘calling’ the game and allowing the aggressive play to escalate.  Members were advised that any complaints need to be submitted in writing to the attention of Marguerite Heer in order for them to be addressed.


The possibility of a shortage of referees for Thursday evenings for the upcoming summer was noted.  It was suggested that the possibility of considering an alternative evening for the women’s league be brought forward for discussion at the next AGM meeting.


Action:        Discussion regarding availability of Referees for the summer to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting.



11.     Adjournment of Meeting


On a motion to adjourn the General Meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


~Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm~

























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